Why NP Environmental?

NP Environmental is a design build company offering a complete line of geothermal heating and cooling systems for your intended budget, site requirements, and energy conservation goals. NP Environmental seamlessly integrates the GSHP into your existing forced air or hydronic distribution system. Your completed GSHP system saves you money, and maintenance providing many years of 400% efficient comfortable heating and cooling.

Our Capabilities

NP Environmental offers a number of helpful services to our valued customers. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Full System Applications and Installations
  • Project Management
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Engineering and Design Services

We have over 30 years direct experience planning, organizing and procuring all aspects of construction along with numerous renewable system retrofits and new construction installations.

In other words; from small residential projects to large scale commercial work, the team at NP Environmental has the knowledge, the tools and the experience to implement a successful plan of action and take continuing initiative to achieve the goal at our highest level of ability.


NP Environmental specializes in the installation and integration of advanced renewable systems within existing structures or new construction. We work with planning boards, other project contractors and designers along with the building owner to cement system designs and procure the desired outcome.

We engineer all of our installations from scratch using data collected independently from each site.  Realistically, there is no standard to follow and NP Environmental will not offer a system based upon a tabulated pocket reference.  To ensure the highest operational efficiency and greatest utilization of both the investment and components, there simply is no better way.



Engineering Your Mechanical System

NP Environmental can design many different types of mechanical systems.  With our expertise, your installation  will have detailed prints to follow and a well thought out scheme of integration, all of this within a very user friendly layout.  Our mechanic   al system designs will include full vendor literature documentation, a system control and operations narrative along with bills of material for reference and maintenance. The following are mechanical systems we specialize in.

  • Geothermal sizing, layouts, and integration
  • Low temperature radiant hydronic heating systems
  • HVAC systems including ductwork and tubing
  • Hot water zoning and panel layouts
  • Boiler sizing, configuration and integration

Regardless if your project is a retrofit, renovation or new construction, NP Environmental can engineer the mechanical systems capable of harnessing the buildings full potential with the lowest cost of ownership.  All of our prints are PE stamped where required.


NP Environmental offers a full line of architectural services including structural design and remodeling along with site planning and utilization.  Our approach to architecture, like everything we do, is balanced to achieve conservation of the site, and accomplish the project goal while creating the least disturbance possible.  We strive to design for environmental integration and prefer on any project that the customer embraces the latest technologies.  We also have the capacity to help you achieve your green building goals and acquire LEED Certification on both residential and commercial projects.

Once the design is completed on paper, NP Environmental can bring it to life.  From site preparation and excavation to foundation and structure erection to mechanical system installation and finish work, we can provide services for all phases and aspects of construction.