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We Have Added Integrated Control Systems to Company Resume


One of the shortcomings of today's high-tech systems is also something that keeps them from performing at their peak efficiency - predictive variability.  For example, if it's 60 degrees outside but your thermostat is set to 70, the heating system will activate with full output to overcome a very small heat loss in the building.  This type of operation is wasteful and inefficient.  What if the control system knew the real time heat loss and modulated the system to produce the desired output?  What if it knew to operate at a level equal to 2 tons instead of 5?  Let us be the first to tell you, the benefits are tremendous.

In response, NP-Environmental now offers complete integrated control systems capable of monitoring multiple points of analog and digital I/O, whereby joining all the separate components of the mechanical system through one central processor which then predicts, calculates and varies equipment operation accordingly.  In other words, the heating and cooling systems will work only as hard as currently necessary - saving energy and reducing maintenance.

Furthermore, our systems can monitor and tie in many pieces together, from lights, to boilers, to photovoltaic arrays, to radiant hydronic circulation pumps.  The systems will talk and your energy bills will drop - guaranteed.

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