About us

Company overview

NP Environmental is a design/build commercial and residential mechanical systems /HVAC company. We specialize in geothermal comfort systems, radiant hydronic heating and cooling as well as integrated control systems. We are a soup-to-nuts company which means we are internally staffed to handle every scope within a given project. This approach ensures quality and timeliness as we are the engineers, designers, installers and experts. Since subcontracted labor or services are not generally required, productivity and project continuity increase while our focus is maintained solely on the customer.Our residential customers range from 1300sqft single family homes to multiunit apartment complexes to 12,000sqft, 14 zone mansions using our proprietary PLC based NP Environmental predictive control scheme. Our commercial customers range from 2400sqft equipment buildings to climate controlled classic car storage facilities to 80,000sqft manufacturing facilities with radiant floor heat and NG boilers. Small or large, an NP Environmental system follows the same proven steps from start to finish - Evaluate > Engineer > Design > Install > Commission. NP Environmental holds tremendous regard for our great country and the men and women who keep it running. This is why we insist on material and brand selections that are made in the USA and owned by US based companies. Furthermore, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers and strive to provide locally sourced components where possible.

I remember when I installed my first geo system - It was an Earthlinked Direct Exchange unit. People told me I was crazy and there was no way the cold North East ground was going to heat a house during our frigid winters. After their first winter and one of the coldest on record, I asked my customer to estimate their savings since installation. I was reaffirmed of my insanity when she told me it cost less than $600 for the whole winter and her oil bill would have been close to $4,000. With savings like that, you’re crazy not to invest in this technology." - Nick Pryputniewicz.

RIT classmate Sean Stumvoll who graduated with Nick from the Mechanical Engineering Technology program in 2004 has also helped to move the company away from standard technology. With an extensive industrial background, Sean has played an instrumental role by impressing a fresh perspective and expanding NP Environmental’s capabilities.

Most people don’t realize that the technology in their home or office today is actually decades old - Everything including thermostats, lighting, water pumps and furnaces function via an on / off switch. The problem is that switches aren’t smart and when systems in your home or business aren’t smart, they create waste. In industry, switches are replaced with variable outputs, driven by a collection of variable inputs known as data. That data is used to calculate the actual demand requirement of a given resource. The system then varies the output control accordingly and delivers the exact amount required with little or no waste. Data, like life, is not simply on or off - life is dynamic, flexible and without waste. Using data, I want to bring life to our buildings." - Sean Stumvoll.

Nick and Sean see future technologies as more than interesting; they view them as an investment - a way to hedge against unstable sources of energy by shifting dependence to those we know to be consistent and renewable. Energy sources like the Sun, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water will always be available and with only a small degree of variation. Plus, they can each be harnessed on an individual level, whereby shielding the owner from commodity volatility and centralized sources of production. No strangers to problem solving, both Nick and Sean, hold multiple utility patents. With their diverse experience and skill sets, they have been developing specialized tools and components that will ultimately aid in the installation, function and serviceability of systems everywhere.

Before We Build It, We Engineer It

From site evaluations and energy audits to complete system engineering to process and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID’s) to detailed shop drawings for our installation crew to final commissioning, your project will follow a regimented, phase by phase process from inception to completion. Upon commissioning of your new system, we provide turnover documentation with all necessary prints, diagrams, engineering data and vendor literature. Our unique methods and engineering approach give NP Environmental the competitive edge on price, value and system performance.

It’s your family, your future - It’s NP Environmental